Solis Kriegsspiel Announces Glue Stick Terrain

Las Vegas, NV  – Solis Kriegsspiel announces a new product line, Glue Stick Terrain.  Glue Stick Terrain is free printable terrain made for Do It Yourself (DIY) Dungeon Masters(DM).  It is compatible with Verraro Game System, which provides terrain, buildings, and accessories for Role-Playing Games(RPG's).

"Glue Stick Terrain expands our support of RPG terrain to the DIY DM.  These DM's know that terrain enhances the gaming experience.  Plus they enjoy expressing their personal creativity by crafting their own game pieces," said company spokesperson Liam Fryers.

"Glue Stick Terrain lets the DIY DM create good looking low profile terrain with minimal effort.   Because the game tiles are compatible with the Verraro Low Profile terrain, DM's can expand their Verraro Game System terrain and bring their unique interpretation to any encounter.  Since the kits are available at no cost through the Solis Kriegsspiel store, it is a great way for people to try the low profile system.  It also lets people on limited budgets create a rich gaming experience," he said.

You can learn more about the growing line of available free kits at

Solis Kriegsspiel

Solis Kriegsspiel is a boutique game company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It specializes in tabletop strategy, war, and role-playing games.  Solis Kriegsspiel produces several private brands including Verraro and Glue Stick Terrain.  For more information visit our News Center at

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