Solis Kriegsspiel Acquires Dungeon Tiles From Terrain Wizard

Las Vegas, NV  – Solis Kriegsspiel expands its support for role-playing games(RPG's) like Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder by acquiring the dungeon tile line from Terrain Wizard.  The tiles will become part of the Verraro Game System, which creates terrain, buildings, and accessories for RPG's.

"Terrain Wizard originally developed the line as a terrain platform for RPG style games. It was always an awkward fit for them," said company spokesperson Liam Fryers.

"We believe it is a better fit for a game company, like Solis Kriegsspiel.  Plus it will build on our experience creating scale components for other gaming systems," he said.

Verraro will continue to handmake the low profile game tiles from laser cut MDF.  Verraro Low Profile dungeon tiles are available at our online store at

Solis Kriegsspiel

Solis Kriegsspiel is a boutique game company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It specializes in tabletop strategy, war, and role-playing games.  Solis Kriegsspiel produces several private brands including Verraro.  For more information visit our News Center at

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