Glue Stick Terrain 3×3 Low Profile Dungeon Corner

Today I am going to show you how to craft your own low profile dungeon corner tile using the Glue Stick Terrain 3x3 Low Profile Dungeon Corner Kit.  

 Things you will need before you start

  • Backing board(usually cardboard) 
  • Craft knife
  • Glue stick 
  • A printed copy of the Glue Stick Terrain 3x3 Low Profile Dungeon Corner Kit.  

Print Instructions

Glue Stick Terrain kits come in PDF format.  All of the files print on USA letter size (8 1/2"x11") paper. 

Print all of the pages at 100% (8 1/2" x 11") size.  You can use regular printer paper (20# Bond) for the kits.  If you would like to have something sturdier you can print the tile images on matte photo paper.   

Select Tile Type Image

There are two base images.  One image is a gridless base.  The other is a gridded base.  Cut out the type of tile you want to create. 

Today, I am going to create a gridded tile.  So I am going to cut out the gridded image.  I leave a margin around the image.

Cut Out The Wall Image

The wall is used with either the gridless or gridded tile base.  Just like the base, I will leave a margin around the image when I cut it out.

Glue Images To The Backing Board

I am using corrugated paper for my backing board.  I get this from my local big box grocery store.  They are called slip sheets.  If you ask permission, most stores will let you take a few sheets.  You can also use any thick backing material like foam core board.  But I like slip sheets; because, the price is right. 

I use a glue stick to attach the images to the backing board.  Spray adhesive also works well as does rubber cement.  One thing you want to pay attention to is alignment.  The corrugated paper has flutes which give it strength.  Make sure the images are squared against the fluting.  Otherwise, the tile will be weaker.

I always put a book on top of things after I glue them.  This helps create a smooth flat image.  I find that a half hour drying time is about right for glue sticks.  Check your adhesive for its preferred drying time.   

Cut Out The Dungeon Corner Pieces

Since I put my images on a larger piece of corrugated paper, I cut out each one at the margins of the image.  This gives me something manageable to work with.

I always use a steel ruler to help me cut out the images.  Also, I make about three passes when I am cutting.  I tend to get cleaner edges and I make fewer mistakes.

First I trim the base image.  Then I do the wall.  

Final Assembly

I apply glue to the bottom of the wall section.  Then I press it onto the base piece.  Once again, I put a book on the tile while it is drying.

Glue Stick Terrain 3x3 Low Profile Dungeon Corner

The Glue Stick Terrain 3x3 Low Profile Dungeon Corner Kit is one of many kits available at the Solis Kriegsspiel shop

We designed Glue Stick Terrain kits for Game Managers who like to craft their own terrain.